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Welcome to a very special feature of The Upstream Collective interview series! I’m so excited to introduce you to a dear friend, and inspiring woman – Ruby Marsh from A Conscious Beauty. As you’ll learn from sinking into Ruby’s candid responses below, she’s an inspiring example of how plunging into your passion (before you’re “ready”) can pay off in spades. She’s a beacon for self-care, generosity and a lady who emanates her message of inside out beauty.Enjoy all that this beautiful creature has to offer. You can join her tribe to get much more from her!

What’s your main message?.

First and foremost, A Conscious Beauty is about creating a life of wellness both inside and out, paving the way for true beauty to shine through. I believe that a radiant, thriving woman, is a reflection of a holistic approach to beauty. It is as much about the products you put on your skin, as the food you put in your mouth, to your degree of self-love. There is no set formula, as sometimes we need a little bit more of one than the other.

You’ve created a thriving community with your beautiful brand, A Conscious Beauty. What propelled you to share your message with the world?

For many years, I knew inside that there was a better way for women to look at beauty. As a teenager, I fell for the stereotypical image of beauty and would hide behind a mask of makeup to cover my bad skin. Through a process of healing my insides and listening to my body, my skin became remarkably better. This journey took me several years but I wanted every woman to share a piece of what I knew. Special mention goes to my beautiful friend Katherine, who helped bring the blog to life just over a year ago.

What was stopping you from sharing your voice in the beginning?

Although I won’t attribute it all to this, sharing my voice happened to coincide with me leaving my professional career. Had I not stepped away, perhaps my desire would have been strong enough to make me leap into the blogsphere, perhaps not. However, I firmly believe my voice was always within me. Everyone has one. For many years, before stepping away from my career, I shared my exuberance with family or those close to me but that was as far as I took it. There were times in my professional career that I felt like I had a split personality, a designer on one hand and a natural beauty addict on the other. With this change in career, I found myself surrounded by a tribe who was fully aligned with where I wanted my life to go, and it just clicked. Suddenly I was like ‘yes! now is the time’ and all of a sudden things couldn’t happen fast enough.

What doubts or resistances are you facing in your life or business?

For me, the limiting belief I believe that holds me back most often is that I don’t have the knowledge to be a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ in something. I was conditioned to believe that you needed a degree or a required amount of experience and without this who was I to be sharing my journey. Certainly this is the case for many professions. The beauty of the world today is that you can create and re-create yourself time and time again – there are some shit-hot, savvy women out there! By aligning yourself with the right mentors and tribe, with a clear vision and passion you can do anything. You need to ‘just start’ and see where life takes you.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Without a doubt I would thank my husband John for helping me to realise that you can’t live anyone else’s life but your own. Whether the outcome of a decision you make is a thriving endeavour or not, there is always something to learn from that experience. The trickiest thing for many is to make a decision in the first place. The paradox of being a women in the first world, is that we have so much opportunity available to us yet we are so often constrained by the norm. Life is never dull without him in it and you never know where his path is heading. As my father often says, life is not one career, it is a string of jobs. Perhaps the cliche is true about marrying your father.

Let’s have some FUN!!

Rapid fire…

1.     I have an irrational fear of…

the open ocean, as in diving in the deep, wide-open blue. You can get me snorkelling on a shallow reef but take me over the edge and that’s a different story.


2.    My three favourite books are…

The 3 books I would recommend to any person I care about are – A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and I just purchased The Life-changing magic of tidying up By Marie Kondo which I think will literally be that – life-changing!


3.   My three favourite blogs are…

This is a tricky one, as I am a multiple-tabs-open-in-one-browser kind of woman. I always have something that is my go to, however, a couple that are always up there are (when is that woman ever wrong?) and I recently discovered a great little blog called for tapping into my inner-goddess.


4.   People don’t know this about me, but I’m secretly…

I was actually an Architect in my former life.


5.    The most attractive quality in another human being is…

Authenticity, followed by vulnerability, there’s sure to be chemistry when these two are at play.


You can find more from the lovely Ruby, via her online home’s below!





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  1. Thank you beautiful for allowing me to share my journey with your tribe. xx