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You know when you meet someone and you just know INSTANTLY: this is my kinda woman? Well Nic was and is that person.She’s hilarious. Down-to-earth. Soulful. The kind you want to be around. And today we’re getting around her! I’m so excited to introduce, Nic – the awesome creature behind A spectacular Life. 

1.     Tell us what you are building. Then tell us why.

At the moment I’m building my tribe, plus I’ve got some super juicy stuff brewing behind the scenes! I don’t want to reveal too much now, but I can share that it involves free inspiration, wisdom and fresh renewals.

Hmm why? Such a great question. I’m wanting the connections. I thrive on meeting new people, like minded souls and having amazing conversations. If those conversations happen to be over a coffee – all the better! 😉

2.     What was the impetus to start your gorgeous blog and business, A Spectacular Life? 

Connection, inspiration and growth. I had been a wanderer of sorts, in my own life – not really going anywhere. I went through a time when I was unsure of my purpose and had lost my drive. I wasn’t living, I was existing. Introduce alcohol-fuelled nights, lies and personal issues and you have a horrible concoction.

So I sorted my shit out. It helped me to write, and I thought that others might be interested especially if they were in a similar situation. I haven’t got everything sorted out, I don’t believe any of us ever do, but I have learnt a lot in the past years that I am more than happy to share!

3.     What doubts and resistance have you faced in your life and business? How have you/and do you wade through fears and doubts? 

Where to start!! To share yourself on a public forum such as a blog is a terribly confronting thing. You are putting yourself out into this world and it’s exposing. On the flip side though, it is by far the greatest thing I have done in my life. The connections I have made with beautiful souls, the spine-tingling comments and emails from readers who have resonated with something I have shared and the love from all just overwhelms me. I love my little space so hard and all that it has brought into my life. And also for the way that it has made me grow.

By clicking Publish on my first post, I declared that I could do this. To get through the doubt you need to have confidence in yourself. You can do anything you want in this world, you just need that bit of belief that it can happen. Trust the journey and you will be ever so pleasantly surprised. When you come from a place of love, that’s when miracles can happen.

Personally, being in a same-sex relationship and bringing up a child can be hard. You have to not care what others think, you know you’re going to be a-ok. That being said though, I am beyond blessed to have nothing but support from my dearest.

Being a parent in general is tough! It’s the biggest self-doubt instigator I know. Once again, if you’re doing everything with love, you’ll be brilliant. Be kind to yourself.

4.     What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing at the moment when it comes to fusing your passion with business? 

Time! Managing and juggling it all is a constant challenge, but I’m not alone there. It’s the same for any entrepreneur. I have also had to learn a lot of patience in this gig too – I want it all now, but I have learnt to slow down and enjoy the whole process. That’s the fun!!

5.     Share one thing you’ve discovered about yourself this year?  

I have a lot to give to this world of ours, as I believe we all do. There is more than enough room for everyone who believes they have a message to share. I’ve also re-discovered my love for reading. I’m currently devouring books so fast – my partner and wallet aren’t that happy about it though!

Rapid fire:

1.     What keeps you awake at night?

The state of our world. It’s a deep answer I know, but having a toddler means that I worry about the world that she will grow up in.

I’m also kept awake some nights by aforementioned toddler!

2.     What are you most afraid of?

Playing small and not giving myself the opportunity to truly shine.

3.     I’m currently reading…

Nothing! Surprisingly, I’m between books. I’m about to buy #girlboss and just finished The Alchemist. Get. It. Now. You won’t regret it!

4.   The most attractive quality in another human being is…

I love a sense of humour. No matter how dark or scary this world of ours can be, it’s great to be able to take a light hearted look at it and have a laugh.

I also deeply respect people that know why they are here on this earth. They know they’ve got something to share and share it no matter what reaction they will get. It might be unpopular but they realise it’s their destiny. Those people freaking rock.


Isn’t she amazing???

If you want more from Nic, jump on over to her awesome blog, right here: A Spectacular Life 

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  1. What a gorgeous interview – Nic is amazing! She’s one bundle of positive energy wrapped up in a gorgeous layer of beautiful. I’m privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her on my own life journey. Thanks for sharing Nic with the world – she deserves to be known!