The Upstream Collective: Meg O’Sullivan, Adventuring Home

This gorgeous creature. She is one of a kind. A few things instantly spring to mind when I think of Meg: cheeky, soulful, unbridled, honest, interested, insane FUN, and kind.

Meg and I both dived into the blogosphere in February, succumbing to the howling inner voice to put out into the world what mattered to us most. To lay ourselves bare – and to sweep up any interested beings in this wonky evolution of showing up a little truer, a little fuller than we were before. Well. Meg’s humble plans have quite literally exploded! Since February she’s grown something very special, as you’ll soon see.

I’m so grateful to have shared the ride with Meg so far – cheering each other on from the side lines, and cushioning the falls and the pangs of doubt.  

Here she is folks, ENJOY!!

Tell us what you are building. Then tell us why.

I am building a message, a feeling, a movement. An energy that will build and build until all women realise that THEY HOLD THE KEY TO THEIR HAPPINESS.  Through my words I seek to instil this fact into the minds of my readers. I want it to permeate each and every one of their cells, so they know it to be true with all of their Being.

We were created to feel bliss, to experience joy. And I am simply doing what I am doing to remind women of this.

You’ve created a thriving community. Visiting your online home makes me feel like we’re sitting down over Chai wrapping on our dreams, our fears, all the slip ups and their lessons. I feel connected, uplifted, and stupidly excited.

I want to know – how and when did you find this voice that connects people the way it does? Was there a moment that propelled you to share your message? Can you share that awakening process with us?

My journey into this wonderful world of Soul began a little over 12 months ago (well that’s when I consciously became aware of it!). I threw myself wholeheartedly into everything. Meditation. Yoga. Superfoods. Crystals. Oracle Cards. The lot!

And I journaled… A shit load. It got to a point where I felt my musings could no longer just sit quietly in my journal. I wanted people to feel the overwhelming sense of love, joy and peace I had discovered. I wanted to get out into the world and awaken people to the fact that life didn’t have to be hard. Heck, life was meant to be an unbelievable explosion of excitement! I felt my words were the best tool I had to do this. So the seed was planted for Adventuring Home. And boy, she’s sprouted a whole lot quicker than I could have ever imagined!

It’s a dream of course, but like anything living off your passion comes with its challenges too. What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing at the moment when it comes to fusing your passion with business? 

Not letting it consume my whole life! I love writing ,creating and blogging, but I often unconsciously fall into the trap of believing it to be the “be all and end all”. Yes I love it, but it’s not fun. And I was making this mistake for a long time. I was using all of my spare time to brain-storm, write, create and blog. But it wasn’t making me roll on the floor with laughter or making my heart beat unbelievably fast with excitement. And I need this. Therefore I need a life outside my blog.

So enforcing boundaries has become a must. And being conscious of not letting my blog become Me. Yep that is definitely the biggest challenge.

A time when you felt broken or lost. Can you take us there? In hindsight, what was the gift in it? 

It was only a few weeks ago, when I had a pretty bad outbreak of eczema. For the last year I have been dabbling into the world of alternative medicine in an attempt to cure it. And this time I thought I had it sorted, until she came back suddenly more fiery and aggressive than ever. I felt defeated, lost and incredibly helpless.

So I cried. I fell in a heap and cried.

My Mum was there to give me a pat and tell me everything was going to be okay. And in the end, that was the gift. The knowledge that, everything is going to be okay. Heck, everything is always okay. In fact, eczema in itself has taught be so much over the past year. Patience. Gratitude. The need to slow down.

I know that there is a reason behind it coming up. And that is also the gift. It is helping me heal. So I’m going to keep dabbling until I find out just what I need to do to continue this healing journey of mine.

Thank You Eczema. 

Share one thing you’ve discovered about yourself this year?  

I have discovered that I am pretty damn powerful. In the last year I have manifested so many things I desire into my life I can no longer deny my own personal power.

Once we become conscious of ourselves as creators, life changes dramatically! 

Rapid fire time!!

1    What keeps you awake at night? Thoughts of tomorrow’s breakfast :)

2.     What are you most afraid of? Living unconsciously.

3.     I’m currently reading…The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris (Actually after seeing you mention it!)

4.     At the moment I’m most exited about…the unpredictable-ness of my current circumstances. Yes. All of life is unpredictable. But right now, for me, life just seems like it could take any course. I literally have no expectations or plans.

5.     The most attractive quality in another human being is…Passion. Ahhhh it’s just so damn sexy!

6. I can’t wait for…the trip to Bali I am currently manifesting. It’s going to be amazing! :)


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  1. Thanks for having me in your beautiful space Lucy! Your q’s were SO. SOUL-STIRRINGLY-GOOD.

  2. Two beauties unity…I love this shit!
    I also spend most evenings planning my yummolicious breaky.
    Good job girls.

    Fran xxx

  3. Thanks for being here Meg!! And Fran, thank you! I read something funny last night – sleeping is like taking a time machine to breakfast – too true! hehe xx