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This special lady emanates kindness, authenticity and deep connection to her self and to the people in her life. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know Kristen this year. Her relentless commitment to healing herself and others has been a mega source of calm and inspiration for me (yep – she strikes a magical blend of yin and yang energy).

She holds a sacred space online at Wild Spirit Feather – that always drops me right back into my seat of peace and calm where all is well, achievable and divinely perfect. 

I think you’re going to love (and relate) the honest words of wisdom she’s sharing with us today.

Tell us what you are building. Then tell us why.

My work is still revealing itself to me. It continues to unfold like flower petals. There’s still a sense of mystery surrounding it and I kind of hope there always will be. What I know for sure is that I am here to ignite light within people. To contribute to healing the world and lives of others. Inspiring Empowering and Nurturing in every way I that I can.

What was the impetus to start your gorgeous blog, Wild Spirit Feather? Can you explain what lead you to create the beautiful community that’s helping many others to live with a little more intention, love and soul?

I started Wild Spirit Feather as somewhat of an online journal. I had no idea where it would lead although I had hope it would connect me with like minded souls and lead to contributing to heal the lives of others. In the beginning I just wanted to share my story with those who wanted to hear it and inspire people along the way.  I had been healing myself naturally from an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. I did this through change in lifestyle and through nutritional medicine. This was a huge change for me and I was feeling a little lonely and misunderstood while under going these major lifestyle changes and I wanted somewhere to share my experiences.

Initially I thought it would be a health blog, you know, lots of nutritional information and recipes but it never really went that way when I sat down to write. My blog posts leaned closer to my life’s stories than nutritional facts and I found I enjoyed sharing my hearts stories with the world.

I had seen the witnessed the power of an online space, the growth, the friendships, the people you could inspire and help so I pressed publish.

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing at the moment when it comes to fusing your passion with business?

In an ode to being completely honest, I’m tired. I have been emotionally drained of late and it’s not easy showing up for your online home when your lacking the energy for it. It’s bound to happen, we get pulled at the seems, balancing work life, family life, friendships, our health, education and writing content. As my blog has grown my “day job” work load has remained the same and on top of that I have some family commitments at the moment that have been keeping me busy, along with my coaching business continuing to expand.

My advice to anyone going through something similar is to re-asses where you are at right now and lighten your load.

This is a double- whammy! What doubts and resistance have you faced in your life and business? How did you move through these?

When resistance shows up.. I do it anyway. I have always lived with a this motto in the back of my mind “If you don’t do it you’ll always wonder”.

When it comes to doubts..

When I’m feeling drained, illusion and doubts seep in. Momentarily I may think that I’m not getting anywhere that forward motion has come to a stand still. Luckily I know and understand that this is just a cycle of some funk I’m in and I can get myself out of it and I move forward.

How do I do this?

I might get myself to a yoga class or a Wabi Sabi Session (link: ). The beach in the Spring/Summer time. Plant my feet in warm sand and throw myself into turquoise waters. Meet with Soul sisters. Something to shake me up and move me out of the funk i’m feeling. Do anything that brings you back to life.

Share one thing you’ve discovered about yourself this year?

All you have to do is ask for help and let go of how you think it should show up.

Rapid fire!!

What keeps you awake at night?

Inspiration. New ideas.

What are you most afraid of?

What would scare me is a life of mediocre. The kind of life where I didn’t reach for dreams, I didn’t travel to other destinations of this Earth, a life with no belief in magic, a life lived without experiencing intense emotions such as Joy, Love, heartbreak, euphoria. That’s what scares me.

I’m currently reading… Russel Brands Memoir My Booky Wook. Hilairious, intellectual, intense!

Two books I would recommend others read are… Wild by Cheryl Strayed and Tiny beautiful things also written by Cheryl Strayed. Must reads! If you haven’t read them then you must get your hands on them now.

The most attractive quality in another human being is… Passion, love for animals and a kind heart.

I hope you loved this interview as much as I did!

You can join Kristen’s community of Wild Spirit Feathers right here. And get wrapped up by her words of light and love and inspiration via her blog, right here.

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  1. Lucy, this is such a lovely interview. Kristen is such a beautiful soul and her blog is awesome too.

  2. Chloe, you lovely thing! Thanks for stopping by. She’s pretty special, huh? Big love to you xx

  3. I completely relate to Kristin’s shift in focus on the blog – when I intend to write about nutrition but a more heart-centred post pours out. An ever evolving vision.
    I also love, love, love that approach to making decisions…I almost always base my decisions on the choices I know I’ll lose sleep wondering about or regretting the opportunities I didn’t take.