The Upstream Collective: Jasmine Matthews

I’m super excited to introduce you to the first mega soulful honey in my new interview series: The Upstream Collective.

I met Jasmine a few months back and from the moment our eyes locked I’m sure we didn’t draw breath for an hour. Ridic! She’s an epic visionary with a bulging swag of fascinating credentials and wisdom. I know first hand that she sprinkles encouragement and heart spawned value wherever she goes. Luckily for us, she can also wield a pen with so much flare! You can check out her online maison to soak in her good vibes: 

And I’ll be quiet now and let the Lady herself do the talking.

Here she is…

Tell us what you are building. Then tell us why.

After nearly two years of creating my virtual home and offerings, it is STILL in its infancy and still finding its feet. I originally set out to create a place where people could learn about nutrition and their body in a simple and easy to understand way. I wanted to take away the smoke and mirrors and show that understanding your body is not a deep sacred secret that only doctors have privy to.

I wanted to empower on a physical level. Reclaim your health.

However. The last two years have been the most transformative of my life, and now my work is being injected with such a strong dose of spirituality that things are morphing.

My WHY is still the same though. I want people to go through life as the most beautiful, fullest, most compassionate, loving, and blissful expression of themselves. I want people to feel connected, to feel heard, and to feel and BE.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process. How do you write? Where do you find your inspiration and how does creating take shape in your world?

Inspiration just pops up. It’s everywhere. It’s in conversations I am engaged in. Conversations I read on FB. It’s in lectures I listen to, books I read. Things my son says. Things my husband says. The way a bird lands on the grass in the park. Everything. My life inspires me. The things that happen to me are amazing and I love to share the things that help me to evolve I write best when I am centered and in the present moment. I write when I have time. I am a mother and I run a business, so my time is well allocated. But I actually don’t need the luxury of flexible time. I trust that I will be able to create if I get really truly still and present.

A time when you felt broken or lost. Can you take us back there? In hindsight, what was the gift in it?

Wow. For most of my childhood, my teens, my 20’s and my very early 30’s. Especially in my 20’s I felt very broken. I thought there was something wrong with me.

I remember the feeling of deep loneliness as a small child. I was born feeling disconnected and not quite the same as everyone else. I did have friends, including some very intense and beautiful friendships growing up, and I also have a gorgeous and loving family. But I still, deeply in my core, felt alone, separate, and not quite good enough.

The gift in this was huge. My inherent feelings of disconnect and feelings of not being seen or heard led me on the biggest soul searching journey. I read all the books. I got into meditation from an early age. I meshed very well with yoga. I travalled a LOT. I turned to all sorts of healing modalities.

In the end, of course, I discovered that I never was broken, or disconnected, or alone. But I don’t think I would be in the place I am today if I hadn’t had the motivation to transform myself. They say that humans are twice as motivated by fear as they are by pleasure. It’s the muckiness of life that really feeds your evolution.

In your own experience, what’s the biggest thief of joy? How do you navigate around this in your life?

I’m not sure what the biggest one is, but a few that pop into mind straight away are a feeling of lack (lack of money, time, of not being good enough), comparing yourself to others, and a feeling of separateness/aloneness. Lately I have been finding it easier and easier to shed these layers. They all have the same solution, and that is to get present. Get into the Now. Through gratitude, through movement, through Nature, through meditation, through one deep conscious breath. However you do it, the magic is in the present moment. When you are fully present and engaged in the moment, there is no lack. There is no separation. There is no “you v’s me”. There is connection; there is inspiration, abundance, and love.

Can you share one thing you’ve discovered about yourself this year?

I have learnt novels worth of stuff about myself this last year. Probably even an epic trilogy. But a big one is really truly getting that I don’t have to change anything about myself to be whole. That there is nothing to fix. That I am actually whole and complete right this very moment.

Yes, I have a lot of things I want to work on, but my life doesn’t start once I have all my ducks in a row. My life is now and it’s beautiful and I am blessed.

Rapid fire…

1. What keeps you awake at night?

Inspired thought. Things I want to do.

2. What are you most afraid of?

Less and less every day. I used to fear death immensely. Now I don’t.

3. I’m currently reading…

Biochemistry transcripts J

4. At the moment I’m most exited about…

The endless possibilities of life. Expansiveness.

5. The most attractive quality in another human being is…

A mind that is fully present and engaged when they are listening to you. Truly listening to someone, without formulating a response or filtering it through your own belief system, is pure and utter gold.

You can visit Jasmine at:

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  1. Such a beautiful interview Jasmine!! xx

  2. I love the rapid fire questions- brilliant! And Jasmine’s responses are pretty amazing too 😉 How lucky is she that she’s kept awake at night thinking of the things she wants to do, and not because she’s reflecting back on the things she wishes she’d done. Very inspiring. xx