#25: The Good Girl Must Die with Katie Dean (+ thriving with anxiety; motherhood and rocking your confidence)

katie deen pic

Katie Dean from Your Wild Life is a motivation and mindset mechanic put on this earth to shine a light for women seeking confidence and clarity.

On the show today we discuss:

  • Katie’s own bumpy journey to finding clarity in her mission;
  • Katie’s insecure quest to be seen and be loved throughout her 20’s;
  • Thriving with anxiety + practical strategies to manage anxiety;
  • Thumping though motherhood! + shifting identities, epiphanies, challenges and lessons of motherhood;
  • Making peace with shameful WTF moments from your past (+ the necessity of self-acceptance in moving on and growing);
  • How to rock your confidence, authentically (+ pubic speaking with confidence);
  • The spiritual healing session that changed Katie’s life and rocked her world (and why it’s been the best investment she’s ever made in herself)
  • How to get your confidence back when you’re in a big rut
  • Her favourite books to recommend!



  • “Rising Strong” Brene Brown
  • “You Can Heal Your Life” Louise L Hay
  • “Eat. Pray. Love”  Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Soul Discovery Session with Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue http://innerhue.com

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