#22: Lunar Abundance, Life Rhythms, Soulful Success and Feminine Power with Dr Ezzie Spencer

Ezzie Spencer

Today on the show I have the beautiful, Ezzie Spencer. Dr Ezzie Spencer advances women’s prosperity and wellbeing and she’s is the Creator of Lunar Abundance.

On the show today we discuss how we (woman) can be sensual, soulful, feminine, and enjoy abundance.

What you will learn on the show today:

  • Lunar abundance. What is it? And how you can create your own practice.
  • How the cycles of the moon relate to the rhythms of your life, your business, and your body.
  • How to create abundance and prosperity in your life with a lunar practice.
  • How to reconnect with your feminine energy when you’ve been denying it / feel disconnected from it.
  • The Full Moon. The emotional consequences of the full moon phase. What happens and why it happens and how you can work WITH this powerful energy.
  • The New Moon: (same as above!)
  • Cycles of life. How to flow with change; both the darkness and the light. 
  • How you can harness the Yin phases (+ lots of helpful and practical advice around self-soothing practices).
  • Satin Return. What is it? How can we harness the positive aspects of this time to grow and mature 
  • Ezzie’s personal rituals. 
  • Ezzie’s most recommended books.
    + heaps MORE!

Resources mentioned on the show:

Ezzie on social media: 


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