#19: Playing Small? How to stop faking it and own your power


Today is about two things. 1. It’s a summons to quit playing small. 2. It’s a practical guide for how to step into your power now. (the place from which your authentic voice flows effortlessly). 

Sound like a plan? 

Now, as you know this message comes from a place of deep resonance – personal experience. You are my treasured familial tribe and you know that I’ve tussled with the temptation of “small” and that I’ve really struggled at times to find my voice.  

For that reason I know about the eager assassins in your head who tell you that you aren’t creative / unique / talented enough, and that you don’t know enough yet or that nobody will care about what you’ve got to share anyway…I know because they’re also in my head, saying those same things.

You and I are playing house to the same gang of smack-talking creative assassins. But here’s the thing. There’s also a part of you and I that’s infinitely more powerful.

Today on The Brave Exchange I’m helping you to channel that force in you, so that you can play BIG with authenticity and ease. 
Click to listen to the 3 principal infused steps I live by that help me to bring forth my truth. I believe these will be of value to you. That’s why I’m sharing them.

(The skinny is below because I really want you to have them here, but do listen to the show if you want more because all the important details are shared in more depth):

1. If you are playing small, you are faking it. In fact, your authentic voice resides on the scary side of your comfort zone which means that being authentically feels fraudulent in the beginning (because it’s different!!). Soon you’ll realise that your playing small was an act, nothing more.

2. Make “WRONG” obsolete. What’s your relationship like with perfect? Do you worry about being wrong? Do you ever defend yourself or over explain your position?? No fear, it’s just habitual. But that ego-tendency to be right is tarnishing your authentic expression, clouding over your essence. What would happen if you quit defending? I’ll tell you on the show. But until then, know this: YOUR Truth carries an energetic resonance that doesn’t need defending…

3. Live IN the mystery. Are you looking for answers? Searching for conclusions? Are you trying to find your ONE thing? Figure it all out? Is that pressure – to know precisely who you are and what you stand for -ever cause for stress in your life? If so, then you need to hear this: your authentic voice can only emerge IN and from the mystery. You aren’t supposed to know. (I know – game changer!!). I explain more on the show…


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