#18: Transform your relationship with food (and yourself) with Isabel Foxen Duke

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My guest today is the awesome, Isabel Foxen Duke. She is an Emotional Eating Expert who helps women make peace with their bodies and stop feeling crazy around food. Hallelujah!

I absolutely loved this honest conversation with Isabel where we deconstructed the psychology and emotional underpinnings of so many people’s struggle with food and their bodies.

What you will learn about on the show:

  • How Isabel’s history of fighting with food, dieting and body manipulation landed her in rehab and a “binge eating disorder” diagnosis
  • The psychology of eating. What is binge eating and what is emotional eating and why are they different and why do they manifest?
  • Is Health the new Religion??
  • Why intuitive eating may NOT be the full answer to healing your relationship with food (and why it wasn’t for Isabel).
  • How to quit body shaming and start loving your body and your life!
  • Could today’s “health crusader” mentality actually be inflaming our body image issues and worsening our relationship with food?
  • Isabel’s top three steps to healing your relationship with food


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  • To sign up for Isabel’s newsletter to receive notification for her awesome: “Stop Fighting Food” Training Series we mentioned on the show. It starts in October 2015.
  • Books mentioned on the show:
    • Intuitive Eating, Evelyn Triboli : https://www.intuitiveeating.com
    • Health at Every Size: http://www.lindabacon.org/haesbook/


  • Isabel’s website: http://isabelfoxenduke.com
  • Isabel on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsabelFoxenDuke?fref=ts
  • Isabel on instagram: https://instagram.com/isabelfoxenduke

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