#14: Transforming your mindset for confident selling with Annette Lackovic


Annette Lackovic is Australia’s Leading Female Sales and Mindset Expert.

Annette is a master at arming your business with money making strategies along with a psychology built for thriving.

Annette has trained thousands of individuals and consulted to hundreds of companies, who all use her sales strategies to stay current in the marketplace and which have generated them over a half a billion dollars’ worth of sales.

Her absolute passion is helping entrepreneurs monetise their business dream.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The horror experience that stopped Annette from ever wanting to sell again;
  • The psychology of why people buy + the art of selling authentically
  • Moving through your fears of self-promotion
  • Why building rapport could be hurting your business;
  • What’s stopping people from putting themselves out there
  • How to be a better communicator;
  • The rational lies we tell ourselves that are likely hurting our growth and success
  • Starving out your “inner doubter”

Show Resources:

To find out more from Annette, you can visit her website here: https://annettelackovic.com
Join her thriving community of men and women taking their business to the next level, on her Facebook page herehttps://www.facebook.com/AnnetteLackovicNettyD?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


You can also tune into Annette’s super helpful podcast show, Cash Flow Candy on iTunes!