#12: Grief, legacy, growth and social entrepreneurship with Lauren Shuttleworth

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Lauren Shuttleworth is the Founder and Director of Words With Heart.

After the death of her beautiful Mum when Lauren was 26 lead, Lauren started questioning the meaning of her own life and legacy. After an inciting incident at the airport, Lauren threw caution to the wind, leapt from her corporate career and embarked on a daring mission of a lifetime. Today, we know it as Words With Heart – a successful social-enterprise that’s disrupting the stationary industry for good. Words with heart is a sustainable stationary brand that funds women’s and girls’ education projects.

“You are one rejection closer to yes” – Lauren Shuttleworth 


What you’ll take away from the show today:

  • Lessons on wading through grief (through the lens of Lauren’s own experience)
  • Social enterprise – what is it, and Lauren’s advice on making it as a social entrepreneur
  • Rejection: why you are one rejection closer to “yes!”
  • Mentors: how to find a mentor and co-mentors who’ll help you succeed and grow
  • Self-doubt: Lauren’s self-doubts and fears that nobody would get or care about her idea
  • Think and grow bigger (can we scrap the linear path?!)
  • How to ask for the help you need
  • Lauren’s 3 top tips for making an impact with your business right away
  • The habits and rituals that help Lauren stay focused and positive
  • Productivity: the key distinction between being genuinely effective and just efficient in the short term

Show Notes (links, resources, people and programs mentioned in the show):

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