#11: Finding Yourself. Trust, clarity and the art of letting go with Carren Smith

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In this episode the remarkable Carren Smith shares her personal story intimately. She shares the incredible insights of the mindset she has gained as a result of triumphing over the trauma which threatened to take her life. Carren is a world renowned speaker and mentor and hugely successful businesswoman.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How Carren moved from the depths of guilt and despair to become a prolific speaker, mentor and game-changing entrepreneur
  • The one shift in perspective that lifted Carren’s six year depression
  • Finding the value in you and your message 
  • A fabulous exercise to find direction in your life
  • The art of self-trust 
  • Questions to ask to invest in yourself strategically
  • The 3 step formula for becoming a successful and prolific public speaker 
  • Carren’s advice for her 27 year old self


Carren’s podcasts (all on iTunes):