#01: Inside The Champion’s Mind – reinvention; taking action and surrounding yourself with greatness with Dr Laurence Tham


Inside The Champion’s Mind with Dr Laurence Tham

Laurence Tham (LT) is an international wellness expert and speaker who’s passion and focus is on the psychology of human behaviour and motivation. Laurence is the co-founder of the hugely successful “The Wellness Couch” movement and “The Wellness Guys” podcast show which is dedicated to bringing wellness into people’s lives. As a sought after speaker he helps thousands of people overcome mediocrity and achieve a life legacy. As a master business coach he guides entrepreneurs in the wellness space to reach new height in their business.

In this episode we discuss shifting identities; the importance of taking action; and how to surround yourself with people who will help you succeed and flourish.

You can listen to Laurence’s Podcast: Inside The Champion’s Mind, here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/inside-the-champions-mind/id585020176?mt=2

Tune into The Wellness Guys Show here: http://thewellnessguys.thewellnesscouch.com

Find more from Laurence on his website right hear: http://thewellnessguys.thewellnesscouch.com