#03: Divine Destruction with Tara Bliss

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Divine Destruction with Tara Bliss

In today’s episode I’m chatting with Tara Bliss (tarabliss.com.au). Tara is an Author. A spiritual practice coach. An inspirational speaker.

In this revealing conversation we talk about “The Party” – a time in Tara’s life consumed by self-image, drugs, guys (at any cost), alcohol, fake identities and self-betrayal. A story I can personally relate to.

From drug-bloat and failing relationships in her early 20’s to High Peace as a 27-year old woman, we trace the challenges and the miracles that emerged as she unravelled from murky depths of “The Party”.

Some of the juicy topics we discuss on the show include:


  • Sensitivity and why it’s a compass to our highest self;
  • How we can release old and stifling identities and grow into who and what we really are;
  • How we can succeed in making the positive lifestyle changes we’re ready to make in 2015;
  • Writing and creativity. What Tara learnt about her self through the process of writing her book: High: A Party Girl’s Guide To Peace;
  • How writing can be sacred process of surrender, light and love (something Tara learnt the hard way!)
  • The creative resistance Tara faced hen writing her book and why the thought of her book made her feel sick and nauseated!

You can grab a copy Tara’s brilliant new book High: A Party Girl’s Guide To Peace in paperback, Kindle and audiobook here: http://tarabliss.com.au/high/

Tara mentioned Tommy Rosen (reformed addict and inspiring yogi). You can find more on him here: http://www.tommyrosen.com/yoga/

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