#02: A life with intention with Jess Lively

_Jess Lively

The Brave Exchange: From striving to thriving. A life with intention with Jess Lively

Jess is a a popular blogger and podcaster (jesslively.com/livelyshow/) and speaker who helps people transform their approach to life using value-based intentions.

On the show we chat about making the radical shift away from endless doing and striving, towards living with more ease, intention and joy right now.

Jess shares how her ‘year of doing’ in 2013 (characterised by a reckless pursuit of goals and outcomes) ran her into the ground but become the catalyst for the message she’s so passionate about sharing with others today. Through her own struggles, experiments and study, Jess tells us how we can put a stop to ‘out-running ourselves’; leave overwhelm behind and find genuine success and happiness right now. She  shares an incredibly helpful technique for how to make the right decision in any moment by tapping into our quiet intuition. We also discuss moving through comparison and how to launch a successful online product.

To find out more on Jess, you can visit: http://jesslively.com

To listen to her awesome podcast, The Lively Show, visit: http://jesslively.com/livelyshow/

For her Life With Intention Ecourse, visit: http://lifewithintentiononline.com