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My guest today is Connie Chapman. Connie is on a heart-driven mission to help women live a life of full blown fulfilment. She’s a certified and sought-after coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and writer and she empowers women to dive deep, play big and unlock their true potential.

As we mention on the show – you can now secure your spot to take part in Connie’s life-changing 3 month program: The 90 Day Transformation Project. Kicking off on August 17. 

If you’ve decided that you love Connie and her work as much me (and thousands of women around the world), and you’re ready to embark on this journey with Connie where she’ll teach you to release struggle, limitation and fear and to embody freedom and inner peaceClick here to join The 90 Day Transformation Project.

Because I believe in Connie’s transformative work so deeply, I’m a proud affiliate for her program. If you join Connie’s program, you also support The Brave Exchange. 

Topics Connie and I dive into on the show: 

  • The double life Connie lead in her 20’s (part time spiritual enthusiast whilst being a full time party goer).
  • Connie shares how she transformed her life and shifted from the unhappiness, self-hatred, striving and instability of her 20’s, to become a loved teacher (and an authentic embodiment) of living a deeply connected, joyful and successful life on her terms. 
  • How to do the “inner work” required for real change (+ an insight into Connie’s routine and habits for doing her inner work).
  • Why Connie significantly pulled back her business when it was thriving. (+ she reveals another secret about this time in her life).
  • How to be an authentic teacher.
  • The necessity of doing your own work as a teacher, a coach and a leader. 
  • Our patterns of fear and the ever-present temptation to retreat rather than grow.
  • The secret lie of social media success.
  • 3 tips for re-connecting with your true and your purpose when you’ve hit a slump or are feeling disconnected.
  • How Connie connects with her authentic self and her voice. (+ an insight into her struggle to find her authentic self. 
  • How to tell if you are shutting down your truth. And how Connie and I have done and continue to do the same.

Have you felt the pull?

To step into your true power and remove the deep limiting beliefs and fears holding you back? 

Do you crave to have someone FULLY on your side and in your corner to help you step out of your comfort zone and into your dream life? Wing-Woman please!?!

Maybe you’d like to reprogram your subconscious so that it’s fully aligned with your conscious desires so that you can achieve what you want?

If you know you’re ready to shine and play big, we Sister, can make this change happen together.

I’m now accepting booking for 1:1 coaching for August and September. Email me to schedule your free 15 minute session. Lucy@somethingtomove.com

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