(PODCAST) #23: What are you really attracting? + Get Wildly Wealthy with Meg O’Sullivan

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Welcome back to SEASON 2 of The Brave Exchange!! 

On the show today I properly explain where I’ve been and why I’ve taken a little break from podcasting over this past month and why I’m thrilled to be back. Listen to the full episode on iTunes or here. 

Thank you so much for your patience guys, I absolutely adore you. 

I’m also really excited to share with you that bookings for my live Mind and Life Workshop – “ALIVE” – happening on the 15 November in Melbourne are NOW OPEN. I hope to see you there for an empowering morning of deep transformation and connection!

And I have also deeply nourishing, playful but very real conversation to share with you also. In this episode I chat really candidly with the wonderful Meg O’Sullivan of Adventuring Home.

Meg is a Life Coach, Yoga teacher, metaphysician and her mission is help people master their energy so that they can experience all that they desire.

Topics we dive into on the show today:

  • How to work your energy to attract more abundance into your life
  • Practical ways to shift your limiting beliefs about money and finance
  • Lucy’s limiting beliefs around money (that she’s working on clearing!)
  • Control in Relationships. How completely letting go of her relationship deepened Meg’s connection with her partner tenfold!
  • Online Business Comparison and pressure (+ our recent decision to delay our online courses because of this!)
  • How Meg has grown her blog into a flourishing business
  • Tips for starting out online + combatting perfectionism + needing to know it all NOW
  • Meg’s personal challenge with self-worth and disordered eating
  • Getting out of a “lack mentality” rut!
  • Naked Yoga! Why you should you try it!!! Double dare?!
  • The unwavering importance of SELF-LOVE


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