(PODCAST) #17: From social anxiety to authentic confidence with Vanessa Van Edwards

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In this episode of The Brave Exchange I chat really openly with best-selling author and and behavioural investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards – Founder of Science Of People, all about the fascinating science of influence, charisma, and confidence. 

What specifically will hear about and learn on the show?

  • How Vanessa overcame the social anxiety she experienced growing up
  • How she overcome her awkwardness and fear of social interaction and how she became an expert in social interaction, charisma and personality
  • All about personality
  • Body language and why it’s an indicator for intelligence, credibility and influence
  • Success routines and how to create your own
  • Getting out of of a confidence-slump
  • Understanding who you are (and why that matters when connecting with others)
  • The surprising science of non-verbal communication

Resources mentioned on the show:

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  1. Id like to listen to the podcast about social anxiety.

    • Hi Emma, thanks lovely. I’ll see if i can get the lovely Sian Prior, author of “Shy” on the pod! xox