#26: On Shyness with Sian Prior (PODCAST)

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Hey loves! Today on the show we hear from the remarkable Sian Prior. For the last two and half decades Sian has been a writer and broadcaster working in radio, television, print and online. She has been a newspaper columnist, a travel and opinion writer, and a theatre, opera and book critic.

Today we are unpacking shyness and the true stories and important insights taken from Sian’s powerful confessional memoir, “Shy: a memoir” that documents a lifetime of suffering from excruciating shyness. Her book also explains the fascinating science of social anxiety.

“It is a book about unease: about questioning who you are and evading the answer. It is about grief, and abandonment and loss. It is about how the simple word shy belies the complex reality of what that really means.”

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On the show today you will learn: 

  • What is shyness? What are the key features and how does it manifest? Is it innate or is it learned and developed?
  • The purpose behind Sian’s incredibly self-revealing and vulnerable memoir
  • Sian’s lifelong struggle with shyness and social anxiety in companionship with a hugely successful public professional life 
  • Shyness vs introversion – what is the difference?
  • It’s estimated that 40 per cent of people are shy
  • The positive attributes that go hand in hand with being shy
  • The many roles and personas we humans play to in our lives 
  • Popular misconceptions about shyness
  • That many people with public personas are also shy 
  • Sian’s unique take on confidence. Are we all slipping on a facade of confidence in our everyday interactions?
  • Making peace with shyness and why it’s important to know you are not alone. It’s nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about!
  • Writing – the most important question to ask yourself before writing a book

You can purchase “Shy – A Memoir” at book retailers and online. online or in book retailers. 

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