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Are you ready to awaken your true power?

Then you have landed in the perfect place at the right time…I’m Lucy. A Certified Life Coach, NLP and Timeline Therapy Practitioner (and your solid-as-a-rock Wing Woman) with a unique flair and passion for guiding brilliant women like you, to be, live, act, speak and create from their authentic truth.

Out of my unique blend of Coaching, Wellness Therapy and personal experience – comes a transformational coaching experience that will elicit your authentic power; help you to discover and express your unique voice; clarify your vision and to make waves with your message.

What I know to be true is that when we’re living in our true power, life is all kinds of magic. It’s infused with purpose, creative flow, easeful abundance, energy and unbridled joy. But when we’re not living in our true power, life feels very stuck.

The real reason many women feel stuck, play small and doubt themselves, is because they haven’t embraced the transformational art of being who they really are. 
I know because I’ve been in those shoes myself and I’ve coached many, many women out of hiding and back into their true power. Supreme levels of authenticity and awesome – restored!

This breakthrough-coaching process works both on a conscious and a deep subconscious level to also release past issues, fears, unresolved negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that hold otherwise brilliant women back from their fullest and brightest potential.

My coaching can help you:

      • Identify your unique values and strengths
      • Clarify your vision and direction
      • Overcome fears, limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions (using proven NLP and Timeline Therapy Techniques)
      • Increase your confidence, your self-worth and emotional resilience
      • Tune in to and follow your intuition
      • Develop confidence, self-belief and self-worth
      • Create a life and a career that fils you with a sense of purpose and pride
      • Find the energy and motivation to achieve your dreams and goals
      • Love and value your self 

I know and trust in the power of mentorship on any journey of transformation. Stepping up and becoming the best version of you is incredibly exciting, but it can also be terrifying and confronting. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve done the work and I’m still doing this work with my mentor, today.

So you can think of me as your ultimate cheerleader; your accountability coach and your solid-as-a-rock wing-woman on your journey to owning your authentic power.

Are you ready to step into your power, dissolve your fears, hone your vision, and change the world by being the real you!?


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Coaching Packages


One Month Personal Breakthrough Package

- 3 X 60 minute sessions
- Unlimited email support for one month

Investment: $479 AUD

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8 Week Transformation Package

- 5 X 60 minute sessions
- Unlimited email support
- Investment: $749 AUD

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What My Clients Say

Brigitte Kelly, Melbourne

Before I started coaching with Lucy, I had a preconceived idea that life coaching was reserved for those with their own business, blog, or fist-pumping idea ready to burst into the world. I had none of these. And it ALMOST stopped me from taking the leap to start. From the moment I discovered Lucy’s podcast - The Brave Exchange - I was drawn to her authenticity and honest recount of her own journey, and I knew that she would benefit my life in some way.

I walked into coaching with Lucy a bit of an anxious mess to be honest, and I walked out five weeks later having taken the first few steps to starting an amazing small business which I did not even realise I wanted to start! Lucy helped me unlock a passion that I could not see was already brewing within me. More importantly, she supported me to release many limiting beliefs I had carried with me for the majority of my life, which were holding me back from truly seeing my potential both personally and professionally. Lucy’s Timeline Therapy Technique (which still blows my mind!) allowed me to see myself in a completely different light.

Lucy has a beautiful and honest communication style which I really resonated with. Her advice was always clear and constructive, giving me something to focus on before the next session. After each session, I felt a sense of achievement and purpose. I cannot thank this lovely lady enough for assisting me to completely change the focus of my life - in a direction I could not even see to be possible. Coaching with Lucy is one of the very best investments I have made, and I am so grateful to have stumbled across The Brave Exchange all those months ago.

Amanda Clark,

Coaching Client

I was nervous about coaching and not sure what to expect but Lucy blew my expectations right out of the water. I felt like she knew exactly who I was, where I came from and where I wanted to be.

At each coaching session Lucy was inspiring and full of positive power that helped me push through my own self-doubt and the stresses of my life. She helped me implement practical strategies to move me forward. After our sessions I wrote with more courage and clarity and was able to turn a difficult situation into a really empowering one. I am feeling so much better about myself and now know that my ego is just a pain in the butt that is not going to rule my life anymore! Lucy was my very own cheerleader who was one hundred percent my corner (and there to get the best out of me!).

Lucy will inspire and empower you and make you realise that even your wildest dreams are possible. And if you’re wanting more confidence and clarity Lucy is your lady.

Kate Welsh, South Africa

Coaching Client

When I first stumbled on Lucy's blog I was immediately hooked by her words - I felt like she was describing so richly and knowingly and beautifully things that I have felt so viscerally but not always been able to fathom. I was compelled to read more as I felt like someone was finally shining a light on things that had been quietly churning inside me for so long.
I have been super lucky to coach one on one with this lady and she's even more striking in person. Working with Lucy helped me to completely flip my perspective, embrace my humanness, and celebrate where I was at.
But mostly, you just know that she is there with you. She's on your page, she hears you, and although she has a wealth of wisdom to nudge you and guide you closer to where you want to go, she has a knack for making you feeling profoundly understood and supported, which is for me the most invaluable of all.

Helen Morris, UK,

Coaching Client

Lucy is a shining light! I was lacking the confidence to fully transition into a self-directed career and launch my blog. We immediately clicked as Lucy helped me identify and dissolve the fears that were holding me back - propelling me to take action to make my dreams a reality. She's incredibly warm, empathetic and inspiring and I'm so grateful to have found her - thank so much Lucy!

Rebecca Walker, Sydney,

Coaching Client

Before I started coaching with Lucy, I was paralysed by overwhelm and struggling with self-sabotage. I'm a busy mum, with two young boys, and I'm also studying at university and writing a blog. Lucy helped me move through these challenges with more ease and gave me strategies to manage my feelings of overwhelm. She helped me to flip my mindset and set small, achievable goals that got me back on track.
Coaching with Lucy gave me a huge boost of confidence that I needed and she helped me to realise that self-love and self-respect will move me closer to living my best life which is what I’m doing now!

Amy Therese, Melbourne,

Coaching Client

Lucy marches to the beat of her own open hearted, beautiful soul-stirring drum. Coaching with Lucy felt like I'd just caught up with one of my spirit guides in the flesh.
Her soul shines through with an honest and genuine desire to connect with life, the human spirit and living. This connection gave me clarity and confidence in my own journey. Coaching with Lucy was an absolute blessing. I'm so glad I took the leap!!

Claire Prowse, Melbourne

Group Coaching Workshop Participant

Lucy created such a loving, secure environment from the outset of the workshop that it was the ideal place to look below the surface. It gave me the time and space to honestly reflect on my year and articulate the thoughts and emotions which I felt urged to address, but also scared to acknowledge. A beautiful blend of yoga, meditation, sharing and personal reflection- the experience was soul-enriching and left me feeling more at peace with myself; in both what I had achieved and what I saw myself as ‘failing’ to do and with meaningful intentions for the year ahead.
Lucy has a gift of guiding with a sense of nurturing and flexibility that respects the personal nature of each journey, whilst also offering empowering companionship in what can be daunting areas of self-reflection. It was a joy to be part of such a positive experience!

Jessica Jauhiainen, Melbourne

Group Coaching Workshop Participant

"Lucy's workshop was hands down, such an amazing experience! Her warm, larger than life energy soon did away with any fears I had of journeying across my own raw and vulnerable boundaries. After guiding us through some invigorating yoga, self-discovery and insightful life planning, I left feeling absolutely inspired and recharged for the year ahead! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with such an inspirational soul."

Jo Poon, Melbourne

Group Coaching Workshop Participant

This gorgeous workshop was 3 hours dedicated to deep soul nourishment. Lucy created an intimate and supportive space, inviting open hearted conversations and reflections from empowered women. She intuitively weaved together the day in such a way that your mind, body and soul are awakened with a strong sense of purpose, inspiration and energy to blaze forwards in the new year. I found stillness and clarity in reflecting on the year that has passed and revelled in the feeling of expansiveness and excitement in setting my course for the year ahead.

Kind Words

Meg O’sullivan

Adventuring Home

Lucy is on a quest to understand the world, to experience all it's got to offer. And through her captivating, empowering words she'll encourage you to embrace this same kind of curiosity for life. Authentic. Insightful. Mesmerizing. This woman possesses a whole lotta special. Get ready to be moved!

James Lonegan

Ground Organics

Lucy represents all that I want to see in the world: Someone who does what they want, makes sure it is good for others, and givets hert absolute all to the cause. Lucy oozes inspiration and I am SO glad to be riding this game-changing movement with her. If you need a wake up call to live your deepest truth, get some of Lucy in your life, she will rock your world.

Amy Therese

Otherwise Living

Lucy marches to the beat of her own open-hearted-beautiful-soul stirring drum. Coaching with Lucy didn't feel like coaching at all, which is exactly what I was after. Rather on reflection, it felt as if I'd just caught up with one of my spirit guides in the flesh. This girls' soul shines with an honest and genuine desire to connect with life, the human spirit and living. This connection providted me with clarity and confidence in my own journey. What a blessing.

Claire Baker

This is Lifeblood

Undoubtedly one of my favourite blogs, Something To Move is testament to Lucy's prowess of weaving the written word into heart-driven prose that hits the spot and takes you on a journey deep within yourself. Real and radiant, Lucy has bona fide SPARK.